Magnet Mount Battery Case


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The #1 rated phone charging case!

What % is your battery on right now? 

How far are you from a charger?

With our new MM Charging Phone Case, you’ll always have extra battery when you need it. 

This new innovation was developed so you can be anywhere, anytime and charge your phone. No more panicking to find a charger when you have low battery. 

On-demand power when & where you need it. 

The sleek, light-weight design fits perfectly in your hand so you forget you have an extra battery available. Convenient battery without the bulkiness of typical chargers. 

Get extra battery at the touch of a button. 

Talk time / 34 hrs

Internet use / 20 hrs

Video playback / 21 hrs

Audio playback / 89 hrs

Will this incredible case protect my phone or break if I drop it? Yes! Your phone is safe with this case. It is made for high-impact drops just in case. It is also rubberized, giving you extra grip to prevent falls. 

Never worry about your phone’s battery when you’re away from a charger again. 

This is perfect for traveling, festivals, events, or just being on the go everyday. You don’t have to keep your phone plugged in all the time or carry your charging cord anymore. 

Parents are buying them for the whole family so everyone will always have a charged phone in case of an emergency. 

You will love how convenient this device is. Just put your phone in and avoid dying battery. You’ll never leave home without it!


Happiness Guaranteed
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