Can I use them more places than just my car?

Yes, you can stick them to your desk, kitchen counter, bedside table and more.

Most of our customers buy more than one when they order.

How do I use it?

First, either attach the circular magnetic sticker to the back of your phone, case, or just in between your case and phone. Make sure it’s placed in the middle of your phone where the wireless charging power is located.

Then simply plug it in, and place your wireless charging phone on the magnetic sticker. If your case is too thick, you may have to remove the case.

How fast does it charge?

Our wireless chargers use 7w and higher charging technology. And we constantly upgrade to use the fastest charging speeds available.

However for older cars with weaker power, you must buy an adapter to accommodate 5w charging and above.

You can get our adapter here

Can I use a case over the magnet?

Yes, the magnet can go between your case and phone. But not if your case is too thick, then it won’t be able to charge.

Will the magnets affect my phone?

No, our magnets are designed to be safe for your phone.

Does it work with all phones?

It only works with phones that have wireless charging capabilities. For examples iPhone 8 and up. Each product page shares which phones are compatible.

Does it come with more than one magnet?

Yes, each product comes with two magnets. If you would like more, you can buy a six pack (link to page)