Finger Ring Magnetic Stand

Finger Ring Magnetic Stand

Regular price $9.99

This is one of the coolest phone accessory ever created!

It has Four secret powers...

#1- It’s a mirror you can use to make sure you’re looking on point.

#2- It works perfect with your magnet mount!! Yay!

#3- It works as a stand for your phone so you can watch shows anytime anywhere!

#4- You can hold you phone kinda like a pop socket. But it has all the other features too.

Awesome right?🤤😍

Truth is, we have been asked over and over if we could make our magnet mounts work with pop sockets... and for months we didn’t have a good answer.

But now we have an amazing alternative and selling like crazy!

Which means, we are almost sold out...

We are behind on our next shipment so it will be a while to will get more.

If you want one, act fast and get yours before they are all gone! Here’s why you should get yours today...

* You can use them with any phone and even with your case!

* The magnet is super strong and can hold any phone, even when you hit speed bumps.

* The mirror is perfect and not distorted at all. It’s very high quality.

* If you have a magnet mount already then this is a no brainer. Why wouldn’t you use this instead of a plain sticker.

For a limited time You can own yours for only $9.99! Get this beauty before it sells out.

You will love it guaranteed or your money back. That’s how confident we are.💪🏼

Think of how much you will use it...

Every. Single. Day!

And you can buy it now for less than a few cups of coffee. And get lighting last 2-5 day shipping.⚡️

You have everything to gain so take advantage of this awesome deal before it’s gone forever!

Buy yours now!

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