Magnet Mount Ultra Vent (60% Off)

Magnet Mount Ultra Vent (60% Off)

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🔥Most Purchased Car Mount Of 2018🔥

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Here's why you need to get one for yourself and your loved one:

  •  "smart magnetic holder" makes it extremely reliable and safe to hold your mobile devices when on wheels.
  • You can use them all over the house and in every car. Most of our customers by at least 2, and some return to buy 5 or more because they love them so much.
  • If you have a child, they need this so they don't text and drive. Now they can be hands free and safe, plus these mounts are actually a beautiful design vs the clunky window mounts.
  • The “attraction grip" allows you to clip it into your vent. Enabling a much stronger and stress free grip. 
  • The mount is ergonomically designed with a modern rubber construction which gives it the "wow" factor.
  • Provides you with handy swivelling so you can rotate your display screen as needed while the mount stays fixed to its position. (Works exactly as advertised)
  • The sexy and smooth design looks amazing with your smartphone even with your case on.
  • Simply install it by applying the magnetic plate to the back of your device; push your mount into the air vent and just stick your device onto the magnetic mount. Luxury at it’s finest.
  • The magnets are specially made so they are 100% safe for your device. No one has ever had an issue.
  • 100% money back guarantee, plus you can keep it for free. That's how confident we are. 
  • Rated the #1 car mount of 2017
  • Fast Priority shipping in the USA

                        If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, simply message us for a refund. We will carry all the risk so you can feel safe and happy with your purchase :)

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