Smart Brained Charging Cable

Smart Brained Charging Cable

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The question is, does your iPhone battery die too fast?

Are you sick and tired of the cheap plastic charging cords that fall apart and leave you with no ability to charge your phone when it matters most?

If you said yes, then you need the smart brained charging cable... Its lighting fast🔥 charging and shuts off as soon as it's done to protect your battery.🔋

Most people don't know that the main reason their battery dies so fast, is because they leave their phone on the charger overnight and it ruins the battery.

Truth is, when your phone is fully charged, you want to use your phone till it's almost dead before you charge it again.

But 99% of the cables out there just keep charging and ruining your battery each and every day.

Even the cable that comes with your phone is bad for you battery, but the company doesn't care, they want your phone battery to die so you have to upgrade.

That's exactly why we created this smart charging cable.

Now we are saving smart phones across the world one charger at a time.

It even lights up green so it is easy to find at night!

Fact is, you're phone is expensive, and you have too many important things to do in your life to be dealing with a battery that dies on you at the worst times.

Just one missed meeting or not being able to use your maps, or take pictures when you need it most makes this cable worth the 19.99$.

Plus, no one else is selling anything like this, they are all selling the cheap cables to make a quick buck.

Here's why you should buy from us today...

We are the original #1 magnet mount company, and rated the best of 2018❤️

We have 75k instagram followers who rave about the product.

We are the sleekest design for the best price.

We have a 100% money back guarantee.

And we have the lowest returns, period.

Works exactly as advertised!

We JUST DO IT better🙌🏽

Here's why you need to get one for yourself and your loved ones...

-Protects from overcharging and ruining your battery. We have all had those phones plugged in for too long while the phone was fully charged. And we do not have the time and patience to wait for the perfect moment when it hits 100% charge.

-Lighting fast🔥 2.4A charging, a whopping 40% speed increase. Nothing worse than having to wait hours for your phone to charge, especially when you are running late and need your phone to charge more than 15%.

-Sexy design and strong materials. It looks awesome, but even better, it won't fall apart. We use super strong materials that make sure you will never have to buy another cable.

You will love love your new cable guaranteed!

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, simply message us for a refund. We will carry all the risk so you can feel safe and happy with your purchase🙂

We're #1 for a reason👌

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